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Educational Resources

Helping Educators Build Connection Within Their Schools and Community


As an educator, building healthy connections with your students is at the heart of what you do. Yet more responsibilities are constantly being added to your job. And you’re being asked to use your skills in new ways.


In the wake of Covid-19, you not only need to quickly learn to teach online, but you need to be prepared for in-person and hybrid options as well. 


Now more than ever, you need systems in place to communicate effectively with your students, colleagues and community.  You need to understand technology’s impact on their emotional health. And you need to know how to create the same connection online as you do in person. 


Whether you need a workshop for staff professional development, a keynote speech for your students, or a program developed for your community, I have a customized, research- based solution for you. And it can all be done virtually. 


For Your Students:

From bullying to body image, I connect with students on the issues they battle every day by perfectly illustrating the inner pain so many students feel, yet so few know how to describe. I provide real-life strategies for healthy communication, both with others and with yourself, and show how the simple act of communicating can prevent dozens of destructive decisions.

For Educators and Staff: 

From brain development to social media, I share insights about the next generation for today’s teachers. I've consulted with schools about building curriculum, engaging students digitally, and creating campaigns to fight bullying.   


Popular topics for professional development and staff workshops include:


Generation Z: Busy, Bored or Balanced?

How are our teens doing navigating a digital World? This speech looks at where we need to be in order to catch them when they fall off the tightrope they are trying to walk. 


Minds behind Behavior

Brain development as it relates to behavior development, and understanding our adult biases in how we work with our students.

Reach out to me today to get started. 

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