TEDx Gilbert

Bullying and mental health concerns are now mainstream among teens. We’ve tried anti-bullying assemblies, we’ve tried new curriculum, we’ve read almost every book on the topic. The reality is we aren’t going to change our students by simply adding a new strategy. In this TEDx Talk, Adam proposes a new way to support our teens.


33rd Annual Clean Air Campaign Awards Ceremony

As Keynote Speaker, Adam talks about how we adapt to a rapidly changing world. He brings his signature insight and humor to this talk about navigating the shifting landscapes in our personal and professional lives. 

12 News

A generational punching bag: Have millennials actually ruined everything? Countless articles and online lists outline why millennials are the worst. Looking at you avocado toast! But we asked an expert, is the millennial generation really that bad?

Sonoran Living ABC15 Arizona

The hosts of Sonoran Living talk with Adam about Drive-A-Logue, the card game he created to help make tough family conversations easier. 


12 News

In an interview with 12 News, Adam talks about the new dangerous selfie craze - both why teenagers are attracted to it and how parents can respond. 




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