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About Adam

I’m on a mission to improve communication — the way you communicate with your family, your colleagues, and most importantly the way you communicate with yourself.


During my 12 years as a teacher, special education facilitator, college professor and business consultant I keep hearing the same question in different forms. 


How do I connect with my teen?

How do I stop conflict in the workplace?

How do we navigate this digital age?


Businesses, schools and families are all wondering the same thing. 

At the heart of what they want to know is:

“How do I communicate better?”


With degrees in communications, leadership development and education I’ve been committed to answering their questions. Along the way, I performed in an award-winning play in New York, created a connection-building card game for families called Drive-A-Logue and wrote two best selling mini-books called “Understanding Millennials” and “The Social Media Handbook.” 


As a professional speaker and consultant, I share insights I’ve gleaned from real-world experience mixed with the latest research.


I've spoken to over 32,070 students in the last five years and have trained over 62 different non-profit programs on how to be more effective through communication. Over 15,140 managers and educators have been trained by me using my own material. 


Through mentoring, public speaking, and writing, I've brought clarity to those who may not have the words to say how they feel, and I've helped deepen connections among students, families, and businesses. This is called Communication Curation! The only question left is — 


How can I help you?

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