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Drive-A-Logue Card Deck

Drive-A-Logue: The Card Game for Families


Drive-A-Logue is the card game that gets families talking. Each card contains questions for parents and their kids to discuss. The questions touch on issues that kids face today, from bullying to social media. The game format, with hypothetical questions, helps kids feel more comfortable talkingAnd not all the cards are serious - we've thrown in some fun ones to lighten the mood!

We've designed 3 different card decks, with appropriate questions depending on what grade your child is in. (Elementary, middle school, and high school)

Understanding Millennials Mini-Book

Understanding Millennials: The Mini-Book


If you still think that you can change Millennials to make them fit into your business model, you, my friend, are wrong. 


In this mini-book instead of trying to find ways to get this generation to stop acting the way they do, we figure out ways to inspire them to show up to our businesses. The tips and tricks in this book not only work for Millennials but across generations of employees. Put these ideas and beliefs into practice quickly and thoroughly, and watch your business grow not just fiscally but in emotional bonds as well.


Your staff won't just respect you, they will follow you! 

The Social Media Handbook Mini-Book

The Social Media Handbook: A Mini-Book

Social media has become the best way to communicate, market a product, and build relationships with people and companies. However, the rapid growth of technology has had unintended consequences that have hit our families, schools, and work places hard. Communities are unsure how to respond without an appropriate framework.


This mini-book was designed to give communities that framework. Social media and technology can be used as a tool; we just have to learn how to use it to benefit our families and communities.

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