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From bullying to body image, Adam connects with students on the issues they battle every day by perfectly illustrating the inner pain so many students feel, yet so few know how to describe. He will take your audience on a journey, and they will begin to see their realities for what they are. He provides real-life strategies for healthy communication, both with others and with yourself, and shows how the simple act of communicating can prevent dozens of destructive decisions. Adam’s charismatic and entertaining style, coupled with his gift for helping people realize their full potential, will have audiences laughing and learning, and most of all, remembering that they’re not alone.

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    Some of Adam's Keynote Topics:

    • Body Image/Media
    • Healthy Communication
    • Bullying/Harassment
    • Special Education
    Adam Lee Brooks Public Speaker

    Understanding Millennials

    Have you often wondered, 'What's wrong with this younger generation?" Or, 'Why are these younger workers so lazy?" How about this one, 'How do I get these Millennials to work harder?" If you still think that you can change the Millennials to make them fit into your business model, you, my friend, are wrong. We have to think on a bigger scale, and answer the question 'How can we use this generation's strengths to make our business better?" In this mini-book instead of trying to find ways to get this generation to stop acting the way they do, we figure out ways to inspire them to work harder no matter how they act. The tips and tricks in this book not only work for Millennials but can be used to inspire others in your employ as well. Put these ideas and beliefs into practice quickly and thoroughly, and watch your business grow not just fiscally but in emotional bonds as well. Your staff won't just respect you, they will follow you! The best way to read the book is with your current business trends and office staff in mind.

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    The Social Media Handbook

    An Adult Guide to the Digital Life of a Teen
    The Social Media Handbook was written as a way to take the mystique away from social media. Social media has become the best way to communicate, market a product, and build relationships with people and even companies. However, the rapid growth of technology has had unintended consequences that have hit our families, schools, and work places hard. Communities are unsure how to respond without an appropriate framework. This mini book was designed to give communities that tool. The included tips and tricks take some of the secrecy away from social media and can be used as an aid on how we can live in a world where social media spurs face-to-face conversations, not the opposite. Social media and technology can be used as a tool; we just have to learn how to use it to benefit our families and communities.

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    The best speaker we’ve ever had! Adam was awesome…NEXT is our new Buzz word!

    —Courtney Schaefer Gorder – Mother in the National Charity League

    “Adam was an amazing keynote speaker after a weeklong conference for the AP Summer Institute. He is able to relate to educators, and as such, is able to motivate them and inspire them at personal and intimate level. His story and the lives he’s touched are inspiration to educators everywhere.”

    —Director of Continuing Education at Texas A&M International University

    “Just wanted to thank you for all the amazing things you said at the Leadership Camp. There were so many things that I related to. You’ve really helped me confront these issued I’ve had with myself and attempt to work on them and work on bettering myself. I cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done.”

    —High School Student

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