Summer Peace

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It’s that time of year again…The beginning of school.  It always leaves me with the same questions in my mind “Where did the summer go?” I can’t believe that it went by so fast.  I finished up school in the middle of May and by the end of May I was on a plane to Texas.  I have been going back there every summer for the last three or four years to speak at one camp in particular but that quickly turned into two camps and now I speak at three camps in the hill country of Texas. Truth be told I never thought I would like Texas as much as I do now, but everyone tells me it’s because I only go to Austin and the hill country where it is lush and green and has rivers you can float…I am still waiting for the rest of the state to prove me wrong.  ;)


After spending a week there helping train the staffs of three camps on things from Bullying to Body Image and having an amazing time I came home for a few days to get ready for one of my first speaking engagements to a business.  I mean I have spoken at a ton of schools, camps, and conferences, however speaking at an all Corporate Conference was extremely intimidating.  It was an information and technology conference who wanted someone to come and speak about something inspirational so that the conference could offer more to the people attending and I was excited.  It was in Dana Point, California which is so gorgeous…And the conference went awesome and I even ran into a few friends there which helped that much more.


As soon as I flew home from California I did laundry and packed my bags again because I was about to head to Camp!! Health, Balance and Leadership camp up in Northern Arizona.  It was a small but powerful camp and got to spend some amazing time with a core group of students who want to live life in a powerful way, a healthier way, and a way that will inspire courage and peace in those they interact with on a daily basis.  Such a great experience and I got to avoid the Phoenix heat for another week which is always amazing.  I had to leave early from this camp unfortunately because I flew to Los Angeles to speak at an exciting conference…


The National SADD conference asked me to come and speak at a workshop for the students attending.  SADD stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions and they hold state wide and nation wide conferences every year.  I have spoken at Arizona’s state conference the last two years so I was excited to go to California to speak at the National one and met so many amazing students and heard about so many cool organizations that I got to experience and see while I was there.  They included the Homegirl Cafe where inner city gang youth can find a new life in a farm to kitchen restaurant and learn a trade as well as a healthier way to live life.  I also got to hear and meet (virally at least) Chelsea from the hit Sundance Channel television show Push Girls which is a great show so go check it out. The students at the conference were incredible and I had such a great time getting to know some of them.


Well this was just my month of June…the lessons I learned at this point in the summer were to Breathe…we take breath for granted but it can calm us down and it can help us enjoy a cool breeze racing through the tree tops, it can even give us more energy or wake us up if we are sleepy.  Oxygen is more than the source of life it is a way to manage our stress and I for one would like to get out of my skin and my stress more often…May my month of June remind me to sink my roots deeper…deeper into truth and deeper into my self and accept all the beauty I see even if it’s hard and even if it’s in the mirror.

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