Painting My First Painting

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I have never been someone who has been super creative. I mean I enjoy creative things like performing and acting and I have always done those, however there are a lot of creative mediums that do not come naturally to me and I have to struggle through them! When I was in high school, I got a part in one of the musicals.  The choir teacher actually wrote me out of several singing parts because I just couldn’t sing! I blame it on my squeaky ever changing teenage voice however to this day when I sing in my car with my windows down, magically those cars around me start to roll theirs up! I wonder why? ha ha ha… Continue reading “Painting My First Painting” »

The Inner Voice of Love

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There is a book that I have been reading for several years now, yes I have read the whole thing but I continue to read it over and over again because it has little tidbits for everyday life. I love it because I often feel like it was written by me for me…So here is what I read this morning that blew my mind. The book is called THE INNER VOICE OF LOVE and it is by Henri Nouwen. (I’m like 85% sure that I spelled that right…ha ha) Continue reading “The Inner Voice of Love” »

Special Education

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I was and am in special education…these words tend to ring fear into parents and children’s minds alike.  Special educations includes but is not limited to anything that is not the general curriculum for a school.  I have worked with special needs for close to 7 years already and one thing that I have learned in that time is that we are all Special Needs!   We all have strengths and weaknesses and things that are broken inside of each of us, sometimes they interfere with school and sometimes they don’t.  If they do interfere we call that special ed but if they don’t we call that lucky. Continue reading “Special Education” »


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There has been so much in the news about school kids getting bullied that it has almost become a cliche topic.  Which is one of the reasons I don’t like to use the word bully it reminds me of a day and time when someone would ask me for my lunch money and if I  refused then he would hit me until I said ok.  Unfortunately today there is much more at stake then a dollar twenty five. Continue reading “Bullying/Harassment” »

Healthy Communication

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“I’m gonna study Communications!!” That was what I told my parents at some point when I came home from college.  “What does that mean?” was probably their response, to which I said “Ummmmm….errrrrr…hmmmm”.  At the time I had no idea what the result would be from studying what was called Speech Communications.  I wish I would have known because I would have been much prouder of it at the time then I was.  I thought I had just gotten that degree because I didn’t do well at anything else or because business was too tough for me, but the reality was that I was born to study communications. Continue reading “Healthy Communication” »

Body Image/Media

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“Ummm I’m a dude and I’ve never had an eating disorder!”  This was typically my opening line that I would share with patients at an eating disorder/anxiety clinic, after working there for eight and a half years I have learned a ton about eating disorders.  I have learned even more when you combine that time with being a teacher in regards to body image.  The two aren’t always linked and yet people think they are synonymous; eating disorders and body image.  I have always struggled with the skin that I was put in  and I know what it is like to feel all alone even when I am in a crowd so on that level I can connect with the patients that were at the clinic I worked at as well as those of us who struggle with our own bodies. Continue reading “Body Image/Media” »