Teacher from Staff Training

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“I really enjoyed the speaker Adam Brooks! He told some very positive stories; he has great experience and gave us all some enthusiasm! I feel our assistants general education teachers would benefit from him speaking to them as well!”

Teacher from Peoria Unified School District

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“I enjoyed Adam’s inspirational message. He was entertaining while motivating each of us to reach students and make a change in their lives for the better. Also he reminded us how our students inspire us and make us better individuals also.”

Steven King, Client Services Director for Texas Lions Camp

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“Adam is energetic, passionate and delivers in a style that both brings people to laughter and

touches their hearts.  Adam has a talent for gauging the needs of a group as he is speaking so that

he can hit them where they are, that is what makes the difference! Adam’s style is second to

none, casual upbeat and always delivered with a hook! Thanks for helping our staff!”

Parent of Teen

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“Thank you for a most amazing afternoon! WOW. Your presentation was so inspiring. You touched on so many points and as I watched the girls and the moms, I was struck at how much you captured them. Your points are so well communicated with humor and honesty. We laughed so hard, even cried, and genuinely LOVED what you said. You truly have a gift. Please don’t ever stop sharing it. God Bless You!”

Is there a Bully Epidemic?

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This is a difficult question.

I decided to start answering questions I receive through my youtube channel.

This is the first installment.

Check it out and feel free to share!


High School Student

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“Just wanted to thank you for all the amazing things you said at the Leadership Camp. There were so many things that I related to. You’ve really helped me confront these issued I’ve had with myself and attempt to work on them and work on bettering myself. I cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done.”

Social Media Kills

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Would you give your children a gun and not teach them how to use it?
No, of course not!
You train them, teach them and use it with them.

So why do we allow our children to have social media accounts?
We need to train them how to use it.
Teach them how to not let those define them.
Use it with them so we know what they are experiencing and can have a healthy dialogue with them.

Make sure that you use them responsibly.

I will write a few articles about what I have experienced with Social Media!

Summer Peace

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It’s that time of year again…The beginning of school.  It always leaves me with the same questions in my mind “Where did the summer go?” I can’t believe that it went by so fast.  I finished up school in the middle of May and by the end of May I was on a plane to Texas.  I have been going back there every summer for the last three or four years to speak at one camp in particular but that quickly turned into two camps and now I speak at three camps in the hill country of Texas. Truth be told I never thought I would like Texas as much as I do now, but everyone tells me it’s because I only go to Austin and the hill country where it is lush and green and has rivers you can float…I am still waiting for the rest of the state to prove me wrong.  ;) Continue reading “Summer Peace” »